Working with Bankers & Advisors

Your clients rely on you for trusted financial advice and service, including how to access flexible capital when they reach the limits of traditional financing. You can count on us to work alongside you to provide innovative solutions, certainty and Expertise beyond the deal®. Our goal is to help you and your clients unlock growth potential and build strong, win-win-win partnerships.

We help clients with financing for:

Growth | Acquisitions | MBOs | Shareholder Buyouts | High Ratio Real State | Refinance

How we work with Bankers

We don’t compete with senior lenders. We value our collaborative relationships with bankers and work with you to help you keep – and win – business.

While you provide clients with cash management services and financing for operating, leasing, term and conventional real estate, we can offer an additional layer of capital when a company’s lending requirements exceeds the senior lender’s capacity – usually due to rapid growth, the age or stage of the business, or the nature of the assets available as collateral. We take a subordinate security position and provide you with an inter-creditor agreement – giving you confidence that we have the flexibility and patience of an equity investor.

How we work with Lawyers, Accountants, Intermediaries and Advisors

When advising your clients on a suitable financial partner, we understand that you need us to deliver with responsiveness and certainty. We work with you to get to know the ins and outs of your clients’ businesses and financial needs in order to create a solution that you and your clients can count on. Whether their line of credit isn’t large enough, or they want to retire, we can help you provide financial and transaction advice to your client and the financing to execute their business plans.

Need more information on how we can help you, your team and your clients? We’d be happy to discuss opportunities to work together or schedule a time to introduce ourselves.

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