A tale of the Alberta oilfields: How quickly can your business adapt during a downturn? Jun 12


The rapid decline of the price of crude oil over the last nine months has had a significant impact on the economy in Alberta and throughout Canada. We’ve all been affected by the decrease in the price of gas at the pump, the increasing Canadian dollar, and government and monetary policy. But there has been no greater affect than on the oil and gas industry in Alberta; they have had to make some important adaptations in order to manage during this downturn. Continue Reading

Foreign currency and domestic headaches May 03


Managing your foreign currency risk

Operating a business is complicated, and if you are the kind of firm that operates over sovereign borders you likely experience a whole new level of complexity. When doing international business it’s critical for you to be supported by a talented team of partners to assist with legalities, tax regimes and currency considerations. Lawyers can help you with the legal matters, accountants can help you with the tax issues, and your banker can help you with your currency needs. Continue Reading