Keeping businesses in local hands and meeting the succession wave through employee share ownership. Mar 16

Many businesses with the right ingredients do not think they can raise the money – but there are many options available.

Employee ownership can be a great way to pass on a business to the next generation, ensuring local ownership continues and jobs stay in our communities. It is also a viable solution for business owners looking to retire while at the same time ensuring their legacy continues.

Unfortunately, it is often overlooked as a succession strategy. This article discusses what it takes to complete a successful employee buyout.

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The Rise of the Consumer in China and What This Means for Western Canada Mar 03

The Chinese economy is slowing down. It is hardly alone – much of the world has experienced economic tumult and uncertainty over the last two years. In China’s case, the economy is undergoing a fundamental shift away from infrastructure and development to consumption-based growth, similar to what drives most advanced economies. The impact of this transition is being felt globally. The resource-dependent economies of Western Canada are being particularly hard hit, at least in the short term.

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