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Get your business up to speed on global exporting trends


Kristi Miller joins EDC for the panel session ‘Let’s Talk Exports’ at EXCELerate 2017 in Vancouver, May 3-5 at The Westin Bayshore. EXCELerate is an exceptional opportunity for business leaders to come together and share their expertise and become empowered to EXCELerate their business growth.

Let’s Talk Exports, May 5,  7am – 10am

Introduction by:  Mark Livingston, Regional Vice President, Western Canada, EDC

Keynote Speaker: Peter Hall, Vice President & Chief Economist, EDC

Peter G. Hall will share his insights on a range of global economic trends – including the impact of the shifts in US trade policy, the political uncertainty in the developed world, the key risks facing the world economy and the impact on Canadian exporters.


  • Lisa Will, CEO and Founder, Stonz
  • Kristi Miller, National Managing Director, First West Capital
  • Angela Hofmann, President, World Strategies, LLC
  • Mary Jane Devine, President, MIO Global 
  • Ailish Campbell, Chief Trade Commissioner, and Assistant Deputy Minister,  International Business Development, Global Affairs Canada 

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