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ACG BC conference reveals innovative opportunities in BC

ACG BC 'Disruptive BC Businesses'

This years’ ACG BC Middle Market Growth Conference provided insights into the dynamic and innovative BC market. First West Capital was pleased to be a sponsor, and our own Kristi Miller moderated the panel ‘Disruptive BC Businesses’. ACG BC chairman, Aleem Jinnah, captures the trends unfolding in the BC market in his recent article for Business in Vancouver. 

We’ve seen remarkable change in our lifetimes, but what we’re experiencing now is different. It’s not just evolutionary change; it’s transformative change that requires us to alter our patterns of behaviour and learn new skills.

We recently wrapped up the 17th annual BC Middle Market Growth Conference, where we tackled the overwhelming topic of disruption. This concept wasn’t new to our audience, but so much of what we hear and read about disruption is conceptual – about things that could happen, or technologies with disruptive potential.
What’s missing from the conversation is how disruption is already transforming industries here in BC and reshaping the lives of the people who do business here. So, we gathered local entrepreneurs, deal-makers, financiers and financial executives – along with internationally renowned speakers – to talk about the trends unfolding in our market right now.