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Striving for Growth: Women executives are leading future business growth

We asked business leaders about what matters to them when it comes to leadership, self-improvement and business evolution. In our report, Striving for Growth, we discovered that business growth is a key priority and that women executives are particularly focused on leading the charge.

In general, female leaders were more likely to report self-improvement and learning activities. They were also more likely to share that they were currently taking action to improve their business, and they expressed stronger intentions around future business improvements than their male counterparts.

Highlights: The Female Leaders’ Perspective

Leadership Qualities

  • 47% of female leaders selected Being a good employer vs. 36% of male leaders.

Self Improvement

  • 46% of female executives are focused on learning about Business Growth vs. 33%  of males
  • Women respondents are also more focused on learning about Leadership and Marketing than men.
  • On average, female executives reported learning about an average of 3.1 business areas compared to 2.4 areas among males.

Current Business Improvement

  • 41% of female executives reported being much more focused on Marketing vs. 27% of males.
  • Operations and Succession are two additional areas females seem more focused on than their male counterparts.
  • Women respondents also reported trying to improve in more areas on average than men.
women future business growth

Source: Striving for Growth Report 2019

Future Business Improvement

  • 59% of female executives indicated that they’re focused on improving future Business Growth vs 50% of males.
  • The fact that female executives indicated strong future intentions generally may relate to the fact that female respondents identified slightly more areas overall, 3.1 vs. 2.7 for males.

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