Why it’s challenging

It may be difficult to finance the difference between the purchase price and the value of the assets, known as goodwill. And most traditional lenders require a proven track record. We have a higher risk tolerance, giving you access to capital to realize your full potential.

Our approach

We help you realize synergies and efficiencies by eliminating financial hurdles, providing flexibility and creating strong partnerships. We think outside the box.

Meet our team

We’re a small, dynamic group of financial professionals who really love what we do. #BusinessNerds #ForTheLoveofBusiness

What we look for

We work with emerging, expanding and established businesses that:

  • Have strong management
  • Operate in a sustainable market
  • Can demonstrate a history of positive cash flow, or strong near-term potential

We provide junior capital financing from $500K to $10M.

Junior capital solutions

We offer a suite of debt and equity products, including subordinated debt, mezzanine financing and minority equity—that’s fancy for second-position financing. It’s flexible, patient and minimally dilutive.