We provide junior capital

ranging from
$1000000 to $10000000
  • business loan MBO Six steps to completing a management buyout Buying and owning your own business can be the most rewarding investment you can make if executed properly. A management buyout (MBO) is when a management team seeks to buy the company they work for from the current owner using the security and cash flows of the company itself to obtain the capital required. Management… Learn More
  • Which Expert Do You Need When Buying The Business You Work For? You’ve been with a company for years and know the business and its culture. Now the owner is approaching retirement. For some entrepreneurial-minded employees, this situation is the perfect opportunity to transition into ownership and take the organization to new heights. Regardless of your industry experience, relationship to the owner or financial-readiness, preparing for a… Learn More
  • Survey Shows Growth and Expansion Plans for Businesses As we come out of the pandemic, established businesses are planning to grow, according to a recent survey conducted by First West Capital. The informal survey asked business owners to tell us how their business has fared over the past 15 months, as well as their business outlook. While 69% of respondents reported the negative… Learn More
  • Which Expert Do You Need When Selling Your Business? Selling a business is no easy feat, especially if it’s your first time navigating the process. With so much information available on the topic, it’s easy to become overwhelmed which is why we recommend engaging with external support to provide guidance. Whether you’re trying to find the right buyer to take over your business or… Learn More
  • Off the Shelf with Mary Liu When it comes to books and resources, you’re probably overrun with recommendations. In a digital age, the challenge is no longer finding valuable content, but rather, cutting through the noise and absorbing the most critical information. To compile some high-impact informants, we sat down with Mary Liu, Associate at First West Capital to share a… Learn More

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