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Steve Chen: How 2020 brought out our collective resilience and helped us to harness the power of positivity

While we continue to move through this pandemic togetherthere is still an element of optimism for the new year, a symbol of a fresh start. Both personally and professionally, reflecting on this past year is a great way to recognize progress and identify future growth opportunities.  

This year in particularit has felt like a torrent of information is coming at us at all times – sometimes more than is possible to digest. From podcasts, to social media feedsto political updates and the pandemic in the news, it can be hard to discern what is worthy of consideration. Sifting through it all, what I have distilled it down to is this: It is imperative to plan for the short term and be optimistic for the long term.  

There is power in positivity. If you lose optimism, you lose resilience which in turn makes it more difficult to manage through change. 

For First West Capital, the two themes that have stood out are resilience and gritResilience is the ability to withstand and come out on the other side of challenges and grit is the ability to embrace challengesThis year, probably like many of you, witnessed leaders emerge from within our teamencouraging focus and pushing forward. I also observed the exceptional flexibility of a team willing to adapt to change at a rapid pace. This year allowed us to connect in new ways, build trust internally and with our partners, nurture client relationships and forced us to consider new ways of doing business. 

Alongside our clients and business partners, we learned to pivot quickly to changing realitiesWith 10 years behind us, we are ready to bring this fresh perspective and continue to build our business in 2021.  

As we continue to hone our own business operations, we are creating space to enhance our skillsetbring new focus to business development activities and sharpen internal processes. The entire team at First West Capital is motivated to grow personally and professionally, which brings about that feeling of optimism. 

Encouragement heading into 2021 

As we move forwardI take inspiration from my Mother who always reminds me, “Build a business one step at a time. If you do things well today, that will lead you to success tomorrow. 

As you head into this next year, I want to encourage you to remain optimistic for the long term and push for growth in the short term. Determine ways to scale your business and surround yourself with the right people.  

I also encourage you to check in with your team regularly, remembering challenging times can impact everyone differently. Ask your team how their mental health is and how they can be supported in their personal and professional development. 

Best wishes from the team  

From all of us at First West Capital, we want to wish you happy holiday season and very prosperous New Year! We look forward to fueling more business growth in 2021. 


– Steve Chen 

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