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How to sell your business in a crowded market

Are you looking to sell your business?

We’re excited to share our second article in partnership with The Globe and Mail, with some tips to consider when looking to sell your business in a crowded market.

Over the next decade, buyers will see their bargaining power increase as retiring baby boomers seek to exit and sell off their assets. Add a global pandemic to the mix, and it’s predicted that this could potentially accelerate these plans, making for a crowded seller’s market.

Discover ways to get ahead of the selling process in our article: How to sell your business in a crowded market.

Learn why it’s important to:

  • Focus on the future growth potential of your business
  • Hire experts when evaluating your business
  • Lean on the advice of like-minded sellers
  • Protect your vision for the business when surveying potential buyers

As you move onto your next venture, taking the right steps when selling your business will ensure you protect what you have worked so hard to build.

This article originally appeared in The Globe and Mail in February, 2021. Read the full article, produced by The Globe and Mail and First West Capital, here.

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