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Off the Shelf with Mary Liu

When it comes to books and resources, you’re probably overrun with recommendations. In a digital age, the challenge is no longer finding valuable content, but rather, cutting through the noise and absorbing the most critical information.

To compile some high-impact informants, we sat down with Mary Liu, Associate at First West Capital to share a handful of her favourite sources:

FWC: What are some of your go-to sources for news and industry updates?

ML: I have a few websites that I come back to time and time again:

  1. Bank of America Global Research – I’m a big fan of their ‘Must Read Research’ section. They provide bite-sized snippets of the latest global research data, which I’ve found to be particularly insightful for tracking the global economic recovery from Covid-19. Overall an excellent source for data-driven social and economic analysis.
  2. PitchBook – The Daily Pitch – This is one of my favourite sources in the Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) space. My background is in business valuations, so I pay close attention to how the M&A climate is shifting in various industries, especially where our clients are operating. I also appreciate the convenience of a daily email for when things get busy.
  3. The Globe and Mail – For Canada-specific news, the Globe and Mail is one of the best. They provide timely and comprehensive coverage of government programs and subsidies, which I’m always following to see how our clients can benefit.

FWC: Do you have any books or podcasts that you recommend often?

ML: For books, A Random Walk Down Wall Street has to be at the top of my list. It’s more of a personal finance book but it delves into themes that are widely applicable for businesses as well. This book will provide anyone with a solid foundation on economics, market theory and behavioural finance.

For podcasts, the Financial Times News Briefing provides a great daily rundown of the most important global business stories. The episodes are only 10 minutes long, but they pack in everything you need to know each morning. I follow this for everything from corporate tax changes to vaccine updates.


What are you reading or listening to that we didn’t mention? Send us your recommendations and we’ll add them to the First West Capital library.

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