Who we work with

We partner with mid-market business owners and their management teams, who are looking to grow their business, acquire or merge with a new business or make a business transition, whether it is a management buyout, a refinance or a payout.


Our team of experts will help you or your client to identify which of our suite of debt and equity products will make the most sense for your vision and goals. We are here to help accelerate your vision, with fast access to flexible capital.


Still not sure if you or your client is a good fit for us?

How junior capital can help

If your business lacks the assets to secure senior debt, or you want to grow with little or no dilution, we’ve got a solution for you. 


Junior capital refers to our suite of subordinated-debtmezzanine and minority equity financing solutions. We take a second-position security interest, which is more risk tolerant, flexible and offers more innovative ways to structure your businesses debt.


Junior capital acts as fuel for your company’s growth, allowing you to expedite earnings without sacrificing ownership.


To get the full picture on how junior capital can fuel your growth, access our Entrepreneur’s Toolkit.

We help mid-market businesses

What you can expect from us

We know it’s important to have nimble, responsive and collaborative partners when your business is on the line. Here’s what you can expect when you partner with us:

  • We work with you to understand your business, goals and financing requirements
  • We collaborate with your senior lender, and other stakeholders, to ensure an optimal and smooth transaction
  • We have a principled approach to determine financing eligibility, giving you deal certainty
  • We are straightforward, responsive, and we respect your business and your time
  • We always look for ways to strengthen your business by providing advice and ongoing support