Our purpose

We’re passionate about helping dynamic, mid-market businesses grow, acquire and transition through innovative junior capital financing.   We believe in relationships, not one-time transactions. We eliminate financial hurdles, provide flexibility and grow with you.

Where others see risk, we see potential

Our junior capital solutions allow you to stay in control and reach the next level of growth. We partner with you – and your senior lender and other stakeholders – to create a customized structure that gives you the flexibility to push your business forward. We know there’s no reward without a little risk.

Our Vision and Values

At First West Capital, we believe in the power of a strong culture. It is through our vision and values that we fuel our employees, our clients and our business.

Financing from First West Capital allows us to take a long-term view on our growth and capitalize on industry trends, while simultaneously streamlining our operations. Perhaps more importantly, the open, honest relationship we have cultivated with the team will allow us to pursue future opportunities. It’s a really exciting time for our business.
Taylor Gemmel, Owner, Anita's Organic Mill

Meet our team

We’re a small, dynamic group of financial professionals who really love what we do. #BusinessNerds #ForTheLoveofBusiness

Junior capital solutions

We offer a suite of debt and equity products, including subordinated debt, mezzanine financing and minority equity—that’s fancy for second-position financing. It’s flexible, patient and minimally dilutive.