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First West Capital partners with ESPRO to fund $1 million expansion plans


ESPRO knew they had an opportunity to grow their business on a larger scale and capitalize on the movement towards premium, craft coffee and tea, known as the Third Wave. Their expansion plans include introducing new products, increasing global distribution and ramping up sales and marketing activities. “The goal is for more people in more places to be able to brew better coffee and tea” says Bruce Constantine, president of ESPRO.

Capital provided to meet the growing demands of coffee and tea enthusiasts

The partnership with First West Capital allows ESPRO to focus solely on rapidly executing their business plans. “First West Capital proved to be important advisors who could also unlock our ability to grow,” shares Bruce.

“First West Capital proved to be important advisors who could also unlock our ability to grow,”

“ESPRO has a competitive advantage in a global and growing market and have successfully filled a gap in the marketplace by revolutionizing the way coffee enthusiasts brew at home,” says First West Capital vice-president, Robert Napoli. “We are pleased to partner with a local business like ESPRO who constantly look for ways to improve their business.”

Expertise helps push ESPRO forward

ESPRO was impressed with First West Capital’s willingness to listen, learn, and invest the time needed to better understand their business, explains Bruce. “First West Capital is helping a mouse compete with elephants – in other words, providing valuable resources to create a competitive landscape for small to medium-sized businesses – with the partner-approach and expertise to back it up.”

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