Best ways for Canadian businesses to offset carbon tax

In January 2017, Alberta joins B.C., Ontario and Quebec’s efforts to reduce carbon emissions with the introduction of its carbon levy (tax). In addition, the Canadian government recently announced a national carbon price starting in 2018 at $10 per tonne, increasing annually to $50 by 2022. As Canada moves towards a common policy over the next few years, the implications for Canadian businesses will be felt as companies adjust to the costs associated with their carbon footprint. Knowing the role your business plays in reducing its carbon footprint, and understanding the cost implications early on, will make the transition to the carbon levy easier.

Trends in Private Equity

2015 was a sellers’ market with transaction multiples increasing. According to Vancouver investors, “7x is the new 6x” in the lower mid-market. It was also a strong year for private equity in Canada with a total of 399 deals – worth $22.8B – completed according to the CVCA. Of these, 239 or 60% were in provinces served by First West Capital.